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Privacy Statement

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Information we may collect from you: Name; Email address; Phone / Mobile number; Address details, Country name; Profession, Occupation, Organisation or Company or Institute details, Job title, Field of interest; ORCID ID details. We may collect payment information i.e. credit/debit card number, expiration date, and security code (note: this information is passed to our payment gateway to process your payment). We may collect information about your IP address; We also use Google Analytics to monitor search behaviour and measure traffic flows. Information on how Google collects, and processes data can be viewed at (or any other link Google may provide from time to time). Google Analytics permits us to reach people who have previously visited our site, and show them relevant advertisements when they visit other sites across the Internet in the Google Display Network.

Your personal information submitted on this journal’s website will be strictly utilised for the intended purposes of the journal (including distribute publications) and will remain confidential. Your information will not be disclosed or used for any other purposes.